Social Mash

Social Mash is a CIMA social networking event that can be found in cities across Canada. It is a powerful and effective way to meet like-minded people in a relaxed environment. Individuals are welcome to come socialize and meet fellow marketers, business owners, professionals, and anyone else that has an interest in the industry.

The frequency of these events depends on you and your local community. Whether it’s a monthly social event or an annual affair, these are great networking meetings.

Typical events are from 7-10pm where people drop in (often at a bar or restaurant), have a drink, and shmooze!

Organize Your Own CIMA Social Mash

It’s easy to obtain official permission to host your own CIMA Social Mash networking event! If you would like to host an event, we’d be happy to give you a hand. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

It is recommended that CIMA Social Mash events take place Monday through Thursday evenings. Since events will usually be at a local bar or restaurant, people can drop in whenever they want.

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