Executive Leadership

Brian Rotsztein - President
Brian Rotsztein

Having begun in 1997, Brian is a seasoned Internet marketing consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He has been featured on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines as an expert in online marketing. As the head of two well-established web design, SEO, and Internet marketing companies ( and Uniseo), he helps businesses gain a competitive advantage.

His emphasis on integrity in online marketing has lead to successful work with the United Nations, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Best Western Hotels, Quality Inn, Health Canada, Do It Best, and other notable brands. Brian co-wrote the SEO standards for the Library of Congress.

With a writing award in hand, he publishes on topics such as SEO, content marketing, social media, technology, business, ecommerce, entertainment and general interest articles. He’s been cited by ABC News, USA Today, Search Engine Journal, Social Media Today, Unbounce, MarketingProfs, and Financial Post, among other prominent sources.

A renaissance man, he is currently involved with multiple projects ranging from photography to a content marketing tech startup. He holds a B.Sc. and M.A. (with Honours) from McGill University, and a second M.A. from Boston College. He has taught university courses, and provides consulting and training services worldwide.

Natalie Riviere - VP Communications
Natalie Riviere
VP Communications

Natalie loves to structure and spread startup and established businesses with Virtual Resources. She thinks the best way to exchange and communicate a message is online and helps entrepreneurs and businesses grow with digital marketing tools and Google Apps for Business.

For the latest in inbound marketing and tech Natalie stays up to date by contributing to Social Media Breakfast Montreal, the Canadian Internet Marketing Association, and partnering with amazing organizations like Google.

Her experience in a family business and BCOMM from the John Molson School of business also serves her well as a speaker, coach and mentor.

Jillian Friedman - VP Legal Affairs
Jillian Friedman
VP Legal Affairs

Jillian is a Canadian lawyer with a practice focused on commercial law and financial services in the e-commerce, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency industry. She also acts as counsel to the Bitcoin Embassy, a Montreal based hotspot that functions as a gathering place for industry groups, a start-up incubator, and the location of Montreal’s first bitcoin ATM.

She is also involved in preparing representations that will be made before the Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce’s digital currency investigation and sits on the board of the Bitcoin Foundation Canada. An enthusiast in the potential of distributed ledger technology, Jillian spends time researching the interplay between this new disruptive technology and the law.

She holds a B.A., honours in Political Science from McGill University as well as an LL.B. and J.D. from Université de Montréal. Jillian’s legal experience includes working at a major national law firm, specifically in the area of financial services and commercial law. In the past, Jillian has played an active role in the domain of international development law, as programme coordinator and legal analyst with the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law and the International Development Law Organisation.

Tom Hartman - VP Technology
Tom Hartman
VP Technology

Working as Head of Operations for Uniseo and Lead Web Developer for RedstoneX, Tom is enthusiastic about web technologies and their applications in business, education and entertainment. He is also a trainer specializing in Internet marketing and web development.

His background in economics melds nicely with his passion for programming giving him a unique perspective on the way the Internet is propagating into various industries.

For the last five years, Tom has been working on bringing techno-philosophy to more mainstream audiences advocating an effective and holistic union between technological advancement and the use of such advancements in the public’s daily lives.

David Inzlicht - VP Operations
David Inzlicht
VP Operations

Utilizing more than a decade of management, sales and recruitment experience, David serves as President and Co-Founder of Airblazer Mobile Media, he is on the Board of Directors of Proforce Personnel and Himdashys Enterprises Limited. As well on a volunteer basis, he sits on the Board of Directors of two non for profit organizations including a charitable childrens foundation.

He is a serial entrepreneur, a mobile evangelist, a recruitment guru, a community leader and believer in following your dreams. But mostly, he’s a passionate entrepreneur driven by an extraordinary commitment to helping people—motivating them to reach for the highest standards of success.

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