About Us

The Canadian Internet Marketing Association (CIMA) was formed by a group of Internet marketing professionals in Montreal. CIMA has its origins dating back to the early 2000s and a planning group came together in 2010 to set into motion those original intentions and preparations. The organization was officially launched in 2011.

Areas Covered

CIMA covers a number of web marketing avenues, including the following areas of note:

The Internet is expanding at a rapid pace and in new directions leading to the continual evolution of marketing methods and approaches. While many Internet marketing and related companies have sprung up in recent years, there remain gaps in our knowledge and understanding of how to best approach the topic. The Canadian Internet Marketing Association (CIMA) exists to help members of the industry in their marketing pursuits as well as to educate the public.

Our members recognize that the playing field in our industry is ever-changing. Consequently, information can be sparse, inconsistent and hard to come by. The community aims to help one another by advocating the pursuit of ethical behaviour and providing avenues for keeping up with this expanding industry.

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