We welcome members from across Canada as well as internationally. Everyone with an interest in online marketing in Canada is encouraged to join CIMA. Becoming a core member is FREE. We just ask that you submit the completed form.

Types of Membership

Association membership in a social media world can be tricky. CIMA has embraced the growth of social media networking platforms by dividing its membership into two types:

1. Core Membership

People who have formally joined CIMA. Core membership is FREE. Simply fill in the form on this website.

2. Extended Network Membership

Individuals who are involved with CIMA by way of its owned media. For example, people who have joined the CIMA LinkedIn group or followed CIMA on Twitter.

About Our Members

CIMA is committed to being a beneficial resource and community to everyone who has an interest in the field of online marketing. These typically include:

  • Professionals: Those working within the range of online marketing and digital media.
  • Businesses: Business owners and managers within the traditional business world are also welcome.
  • Students: The backgrounds of Internet marketers are remarkably diverse and students are part of that mix.
  • Individuals: Private individuals with an interest in the areas covered by the association.

Why Join CIMA?

CIMA helps professionals and companies improve their businesses by:

  • Organizing social networking events for members
  • Facilitating the exchange of innovative ideas
  • Encouraging understanding of current best practices
  • Providing a means of continuing education via workshops, seminars, and other events
  • Highlighting your expertise with speaking and leadership opportunities
  • Attending events (CIMA provides discounts and complementary tickets to major conferences)

Join CIMA today!